Gift Certificate for

Minimum Amount: $50.00



Purchase a gift certificate in whatever amount you desire. You will be asked for the email address of the recipient during checkout. We will then send them a certificate code that provides them a discount in the amount you specified which can be used to purchase anything on our “Weekly Delivery Menu.” This amount can be spent on one or more orders. If they do not spend the entire balance of the certificate at one time, the balance will carry over to the next time they make an order at Zest Farm to Table.

If the gift certificate is the only item you are purchasing, please check the box for “Free Shipping for GIFT CERTIFICATES ONLY” during the checkout process. If you are purchasing the certificate in addition to a delivery order, you will need to choose the Delivery Fee option in order to insure your food will be delivered.

Please do not select to pay for this item with a check. It will not generate the requisite email to your recipient unless you complete the payment on the website with a Paypal or credit card payment.

Thank you for giving the gift of beautiful food!