Hi, I’m Nina, and I started Zest Catering 15 years ago in Dallas in my brother’s kitchen. My catering business has grown by leaps and bounds since I moved to Denver in ’99, and I was excited to add a weekly meal delivery service in October ’12.

My style is California fresh, with French influences. My food is fresh, real and simple. It’s important to me to use organic, locally grown and humanely raised foods while supporting small businesses that use sustainable practices. I’m also excited to help raise awareness around food and its intricate relationship to our health and our planet.

I began my culinary journey right out of high school, where I was lucky
enough to step into a pastry apprenticeship at L’Orangerie, a 5 star,
classic French restaurant in Los Angeles. I earned a Literature degree in
Santa Barbara and Berkley while working at the famous El Encanto Hotel and
Oliveto in Berkeley. I’ve also had the pleasure of working and training
Trattoria Strada Nova in Columbia MO, City Cafe in Dallas, and Pinons in
Aspen. I continue my education by participating in culinary stages, most
recently at Gather in Berkley and Luca in Denver.

Maybe I’m a romantic, but I am deeply passionate about the enjoyment of
food. In our family, our socializing revolved around the dinner table where
we shared our day-to-day lives and vibrant conversation. My parents, real
“foodies,” instilled in me the idea that food should enhance our lives, and
we can enjoy the rich variety of cultures, flavors, textures and aesthetics
as we eat. In a world where a power bar passes as breakfast, I encourage my
clients to slow down and enjoy breaking bread with your loved ones. Life
should be beautiful.